SanasalRx Halogenerator Salt

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Sansal RX Halogenerator Salt

Advanced Halogenerator Salt

  • The New, More Effective salt therapy; more returning customers

  • Immediate and better results

  • Clearer sinuses

  • Easier breathing even after the first few minutes of therapy

  • Ability to cough up more mucus

  • Reduced acidity in the lungs without effects on exhaled CO2

  • Pharmaceutical salt blend that can be used in any halogenerator

“SanaSalRx Rocks! What an enhancement to your Halotherapy business! As one of the original business to implement Halotherapy into our business the willingness for clients to implement Halotherapy into their wellness routine was somewhat lackluster. I think it was because the experience was lacking that “Wow” factor and immediate gratification that consumers expect! There is no question that your typical pharmaceutical-grade salt is effective but upgrading to SanaSal Rx is a game changer! Clients immediately smell and feel the difference and comment how much better the result is from a single session! Our Halotherapy business is thriving and growing and we are a SanaSal client for life!”

Todd Earnhart Founder & CEO Glo Sun Spa

Free Shipping – US, EU & UK

The #1 Halogenerator Salt Used in

  • Salt Rooms

  • Salt Caves

  • Salt Booths

  • Salt Cabins

  • Salt Beds

  • Home Salt Therapy

  • Neti Pots

  • Not recommended for pets and horses.

· Safely used with all Halogenerators since 2017

· Same size particles as pharmaceutical grade salt

Individual Sanasal packet

Why is SanasalRx so much more effective?


Pharmaceutical Salt used in Halogenerators

Pharmaceutical Sodium Bicarbonate

– Removes more mucus
– Raises the PH level, neutralizes acidity
– Reduces bronchial asthma secretion stickiness
– Alkaline buffer helps to kill bacteria and inhibits bacterial growth in the airways

Eucalyptol, Cineole

– Infused eucalyptus is analgesic and anti-inflammatory in nature
– Antibacterial and antiseptic
– Clears lungs and reduces inflammation
– Cineole can lead to a notable improvement in lung function and to reduce dyspnea in asthma clients

Infused USP Mint

– Easier breathing
– Calms skin irritation and itchiness, as well as reduces redness
Increases exercise performance
– More enjoyable experience

Save on Promotions, Let the Results Bring Your Customers Back!

You’re likely aware that traditional Halotherapy often requires multiple sessions to achieve desired results. Our SanasalRx salt, used in halogenerators, enhances the efficacy of Halotherapy. This not only elevates the user experience but can also lead to an increase in bookings and improved customer satisfaction.

Introduced in 2015, the SanaSal halogenerator salt takes salt therapy to a new height. Developed based on German concepts, this advanced product amplifies the benefits of salt therapy. By providing immediate enhancement, it’s changing the game for the industry, leading to more sessions and increased profits for businesses like yours. With Sanasal, your clients are likely to become your biggest fans.

You can use SanasalRx to enrich your existing Halotherapy services or establish a new, high-value service offering. Take your Halotherapy practice to the next level with SanasalRx.
SansalRx can be used to improve your existing halotherapy services or to create a new more valuable service on its own.

SanasalRx vs. Conventional Halogenerator Salt

The science and benefits of this high potency halogenerator salt:

• Pharmaceutical Salt 99.6% purity

  • The purest form of NaCl used in Halotherpy

• Mint100% Pure USP Grade. Infused

  • Customers breath easier even after the first few minutes of therapy
  • Increases exercise performance(5)
  • Calms skin irritation and itchiness, as well as reduces redness.

• Eucaliptol, Cineole from Eucalyptus

  • Infused eucalyptus is analgesic and anti-inflammatory in nature, has plenty of antibacterial and antiseptic qualities; thus it can greatly relieve the signs and symptoms of harmful conditions like tuberculosis by clearing the lungs and reducing inflammation.
  • Concomitant therapy using cineole can lead to notable improvement in lung function and health condition as well as to reduce dyspnea in asthma patients(6).
  • Helps cleaning the airways quickly.

• Sodium Bicarbonate – Custom granulated. Pharmaceutical grade.

  • Ability to cough up more mucus (1)
  • Quickly raises the pH in the lungs and bronchi without effects on exhaled CO2 (also raises the pH in the bloodstream via the lungs).(2)
  • Increasing the pH balance of the acidic lung surface liquid found in Cystic Fibrosis patients as an alkaline buffer helps to kill bacteria(3) and inhibits bacterial growth(4) in the airways.
  • Greatly and quickly reduces the sensation of dyspnea, makes breathing easier even after the first session.
  • Reduces bronchial asthma secretion stickiness –by neutralizing their acidity, which makes them sticky.
  • The bronchial secretions during attacks of bronchial asthma are acidic and the acidity imparts stickiness to the secretions and moreover there is high level of neuraminic acid, which possibly correlates with the stickiness. Thus, SanasalRx’s sodium bicarbonate formula is an excellent choice for halotherapy, offering its powerful and instant pH changing effects.
  • Helps clients substantially quicker and better than salt alone.

• SanasalRx has also been proved to be significantly more effective than traditional salt therapy for skin care

• Soothes skin rash
• Helps cleaning the skin naturally
• Quickly reduces psoriasis syndromes
• Relives eczema related itching significantly faster

SansalRx halogenerator salt provides instant results.

Approximately 70% higher rate of returning customers

What our clients are experiencing

I have been offering Sanasal halogenerator salt to my customers for over a year. The results are incredible. I don’t really use regular salt any more.

Holly, Salt Sanctuary Cocoa Beach

We’ve used SanasalRx for clients that have deep congestion. We use this in our Salt Booth. Everyone that has used it really sees a difference in their ability to breathe deeper and easier.

Dianna , Salt of the Earth Sarasota

We have been using Sansal for almost a year now and our customers love it. The clients who have used the regular pharma salt before don’t’ want to switch back. Personally, I really like that I don’t have to deal with heating the salt before each session.

Adriana, Gonza Salt Therapy Myrtle Beach

I wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the salt room therapy this week, using the new packet from SANASAL. When the session started, we didn’t know you had received the new packets, but within a few minutes we were pleasantly surprised, I think it’s the best yet! We’re looking forward to our next appointment.


I just had a salt room session at Holly’s Salt Sanctuary in Cocoa Beach. She used your salt in her halogenerator, with eucalyptus and mint. It was wonderful—really enhanced the whole experience! My sinuses opened up and eased the tightness in my lungs—I have asthma and copd. Looking forward to my next session next week. Thanks for your great product!


I love the new SANASAL product. The mixture of eucalyptus and mint did a wonderful job of clearing out my sinuses. I’ve been clear all week! Thanks for introducing it to us. We look forward to next week!


pharmaceutical salt for halogenerators salt therapy

Pharmaceutical Salt for Halogenerators

    • 99.9% Pure US Pharmacopeia Grade NaCL

    • Certificate/Data Sheet

    • For Halogenerator use

    • Recommended for:

      – All Halogenerators
      – Portable salt therapy devices

    • Free Shipping within the continental US.

    • This is regular, plain pharma salt, not SanasalRX

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    (1) “Recent studies in a group of patients with chronic cough looked at the effects of giving an inhaled bicarbonate solution (sodium bicarbonate instead of sodium chloride) on the study subjects’ ability to cough up mucus. Compared to the group given inhaled saline, the patients given inhaled bicarbonate were able to cough up approximately three times as much mucus…..”  Source: U.S. National Library of Medicine

    (2) “Nebulized NaHCO3 can increase airway pH without significant effects on exhaled CO2 levels in healthy subjects. NaHCO3 induced increase in Qaw, together with elevated airway pH, could improve absorption of inhaled cationic bronchodilators” Source: European Respiratory Journal

    (3) “Increasing the pH balance of the acidic lung surface liquid found in cystic fibrosis (CF) patients, using an inhaled alkaline buffer, helps to kill bacteria in the airways, research from the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine found” Source: Cystic Fibroses News Today

    (4) “Bicarbonate Inhibits Bacterial Growth and Biofilm Formation of Prevalent Cystic Fibrosis Pathogens. We found that NaHCO3 (100 mmol l-1) significantly inhibited, whereas NaCl (100 mmol l-1) did not influence the growth of planktonic bacteria” Source: Frontiers in Microbiology

    (5) “Instant effects of peppermint essential oil on the physiological parameters and exercise performance” Source: U.S. National Library of Medicine

    (6) “Concomitant therapy using cineole can lead to notable improvement in lung function and health condition as well as to reduce dyspnea in asthma patients” Source: PubMed

    FDA Disclaimer

    Halotherapy has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  Statements made are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.